Truck insurance refers to the genre of insurance applicable to refrigerated transportation, vehicle transporters and any other vehicle used in the haulage industry including fuel and chemical transportation vehicles. This category of insurance is subject to a lot of distinctive state of affairs as it relates to specific vehicles that transport hazardous chemicals and other perishable items such as livestock or produce, and that as we all know comes with a lot of limitations and a need for additional measures to be implemented.

The role of a truck insurance broker is to service any potential client that is in the lookout to insure their truck, the most significant attribute of a truck insurance broker is that unlike an insurance agent they do not represent a particular insurer and because of that that they see no need to push down a certain scheme to us. They are independent service providers who represents us, the client who requires to have our vehicle insured and it isus who generate their revenue in form of commissions for successful referrals.Heavy vehicle insurance is not exclusively for vehicles meant for business purposes only. If you have a panel truck or a pick up you own for your own personal use that too is eligible because the fundamental behind truck insurance is to safeguard your vehicle and all other parties related to same. It is important that you take all facts into consideration when determining an insurance scheme as unlike in a family vehicle or any other small vehicle all the risks and similarly all the cost are higher in a heavy vehicle.

The basic risks covered under the truck insurance are Physical damage to self, Damages to 3rd party property, Theft, Medical and final costs, Cargo damages or loss and natural disasters such as hail, rain, flooding, tornado, etc. Insurance is tricky business and we know it. We can imagine all the concerns you must have, our team is dedicated to answer any query you might have and we go to great extends to provide you the best and the most appropriate cover, taking your budgetary constraints into consideration. Truck insurance has three avenues. They are namely, third party only, third party Fire & Theft and at last but not the least the Comprehensive cover and they each insure your vehicle at different levels. Third party as the name suggests will only consider the damages caused by your vehicle to any other part and third party, fire and theft compensates the theft of the vehicle in addition to damages to external parties and the comprehensive scheme covers pretty much all concerns that is there with regard to a truck. Read this article to find out more details.