The New Sports Drink Emerging In The Market

The latest development in technology has seen the advent of wide screen TV’s with variations like curved screens, high definition and 3D to enhance viewer experience. So it’s natural that people would not want to budge an inch from their TV screens when it offers them so much. And that too when they can sit in the comfort of their own homes and experience it all. It was bound to pull more and more people away from the stadiums and into their homes. And the business of sport has quickly realized that fan loyalty alone is not going to be enough to make people want to come back to the stadiums. They had to come up with new strategies in order to pull in the crowds. And here is how they went about.

The plans that were put into action

One issue they addressed was the pricing of tickets. There was a time when the crowds dropped merely because most people could not afford to buy the tickets as they were out of a common man’s budget. The moment they brought the prices down it saw an increase in the number of ticket sales, because for most avid fans sports and beer go hand in hand and this ticket along with getting them entry into a match also gives them free entry into beer events and Brooklyn brewery craft beer Hong Kong.

The nest problem that had to be resolved was the issue of parking and transport for the fans. Although diehard fans would somehow find a way to reach the stadium even if they had to walk the whole stretch, the other half of the crowd who are just looking for some good entertainment will not be so enthusiastic if they were told to park miles away from the stadium and walk the rest of the way because there was a shortage of parking space. Losing customers in this manner was not healthy for business.
The other thing that concerned the fans the most was the long queues at the food and drink stalls along with the quality of the food and beverages. This tends to put off most people from returning to the stadium. Enhancing the experience of the live fans need to see an improvement in the quality of the food and beer that was being served. And the stadiums turned to craft beer for their need to improve the quality of the drink that was being served. It included attempts being made to team up with many different breweries and come up with special brews that would only be served on game days. This added an extra incentive for people to make their way to the stadiums instead of watching the game from home.

And these strategies seemed to have worked because there is now a significant increase in the number of people arriving at stadiums to watch games and they seem to be happy with what they are being served.