Key Signs That Show You Are Stressed

Stress is a normal human reaction of not being able to handle certain events in life. It is not something that you need to fear but control and overcome. However, you first need to be aware of your status. You should not let a simple problem be mistaken as pressure while it could be a completely temporary phase of anger. Therefore, here is a list of symptoms that prove that you are now under a considerable amount of pressure. If you find yourself fitting into any of the below categories, it is your duty to seek for assistance and help yourself by finding mechanisms to cope with it.

Constant sickness

Your mental pressure tends to reflect through your physical body, and that is exactly what is happening in this case. Your mind is going through so much pressure right now that you constantly keep getting sick; it could be a simple cough or a cold, yet if the cycle seems to happen too often, for instance every week, then you may want to check up with your stress levels in order to overcome this condition as this cannot be solely a physical condition.


Do you keep losing concentration every now and then? It is normal for a human being to get distracted when they are at a lecture or anything that does not capture their interest. Yet, facing this too often may be a sign of pressure. Have you ever felt like you cannot seem to focus on your work or family anymore?; that you cannot recall what task you were assigned last? This is quite a serious condition that you should seek for assistance through workplace stress management training which may be proven useful to you.


If you constantly face a throbbing headache, then it could be due to the tension that you are facing right now. It is important that you consult a doctor first and find out as to why you are facing this condition and if it is proven to be due to this, then you might want to turn to a therapist who can help you find a path that will put you back and track and regain your healthy mind back.

Body aches

Back aches and neck aches are considered to be clear symptoms of tension. If these symptoms seem to occur during day time while you are at work, you may want to consult in a trusted counsellor who will assist you in figuring out as to why you are facing this condition. Also, you can even turn to some meditation and relaxation techniques, especially yoga, which will help you explore every inch of your body and help regain the balance of the inner self and the physical body.